Our Team

Innovation At It's Best !!!!

Arun Albert


Arun is a Data Architect and believes in the power of raw data.

Ranju S V


A Technology Specialist who is extremely passionate about Programming and its constant advances.

Shabana Hematyar

VP - Sales

Right solution at the right time means happy customer. That's my only focus.

Manish Shah

Data Architect

As a BI person delivering value to clients with rich analytics is my goal.

Jawahar Kambham

Data Architect

I have profound technical knowledge and hands on experience with Microsoft SQL Full stack.

Elizabeth Kelley

Software Architect

Beth has over 25 years of experience with .NET, SQL, Cloud, DevOps, reporting etc.

Matthew Mowery

Data Architect Cloud

Matthew is an accomplished architect with an ability to create solutions to complex business process